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Uptown Aces Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Bitcoin casinos are the current trend in the gambling industry. Getting information about them will ensure you get the best out of these casinos. Uptown Aces Casino is well known to offer Bitcoin as a payment option and frequently provides Uptown BTC casino bonuses for both new and existing players.

Bitcoin casinos are fairly new in the market, but by taking advantage of no deposit codes, you can get a good feel for the titles and games on offer before risking your own cash. Keep a lookout for promotional codes that can provide you with a chance to play for free with the chance of walking away with more crypto in your e-wallet.


What are Bitcoin Casinos?

Any gambling house that accepts payment and withdrawals using Bitcoin is known as a Bitcoin casino. The majority of traditional currencies such as Euro, Pounds Sterling, and USD use third-party banking institutions. For Bitcoins, they use a peer-to-peer marketplace.

In such a marketplace, users can only receive and send the coins to each other. This means third-party institutions and government regulations are not involved. It only works when the sender and recipient have a 27 to 34 code (made up of a combination of letters and numbers). The codes are referred to as Bitcoin addresses.

There are two types of BTC (Bitcoin) gambling houses. The first type is a hybrid gambling house like Uptown Aces Casino where the coins are accepted as well as other traditional currencies. The second type is a gambling house that only accepts BTC. Some of the casinos convert your coins into a specific currency as soon as you make a deposit. The good news is that players can use Uptown Bitcoin bonus offers to see how it all works in real-time.


How to Get Coins for Bitcoin Casinos

Online trading platforms are used to buy and sell Bitcoins. In such platforms, you can use payment methods such as wire, ACH, SEPA, PayPal, Skrill, and credit and debit cards to buy coins. Take note payment methods such as e-wallets, regional payment vouchers, and credit cards are rarely used.

Like any traditional currency, BTC prices vary depending on market trends and prevailing circumstances. It would be wise to wait for the process to stabilize or when they are their best before you purchase the coins. The good news is purchases are typically instant, but you may be charged a currency conversion commission.

How do you Make a Deposit in Bitcoin Casinos

Once you have registered with a BTC gambling house, you will get a BTC address. Deposits are usually instant and free. They undergo a block-chain confirmation that takes a couple of minutes. Once the confirmation is complete you will see the funds in your account. Make sure to see if Uptown is offering a BTC bonus code before you go through by the way, as you could end up with a larger bankroll.

As Bitcoin is gradually gaining popularity in the online gambling industry, it is quickly becoming the preferred payment method at gambling houses. With this in mind, BTC casinos encourage their players to use BTC. It is done by offering the players Bitcoin offers, promotions, and bonuses. As a player, always be on the lookout for upcoming promotions to increase your gambling balance.

How do you Cash Out?

You can cash out your winnings by sending the coins to your currency trading website. On the platform, you can sell the coins to online traders. Remember there is no standard rate. It is prudent to look for traders with the best buying price.

After a trade is successful, you can withdraw your proceeds using any of the available traditional withdrawal methods. You have the option of securely storing your winnings in a Bitcoin wallet if you want to wait for the best prices. These wallets are available online and require a password to access.

Advantages of Playing with BTC

So why are people finding BTC casinos more popular than other traditional casinos? The first advantage is you will not be charged a fee to make a withdrawal. Traditional casinos usually charge a processing fee to cash out your winnings. Fees will vary from as low as 3% to as high as 10%. With a BTC casino, you can cash out everything you win.

As a casino player, you may be frustrated by the fact that your winnings are withheld for one reason or another. The reason traditional casinos hold your winnings is they use a third-party to process the money. Players in unregulated markets such as the US will find the withholding duration to be stressful. Bitcoin is the best option because they do not use third-parties hence no delays.

One of the major benefits to casino players, when they use BTC, is they will not have to reveal their identities. Transactions using cryptocurrency does not require you to provide or verify your identity. In most cases, the player is only requested for their email account. This is the same case should you lose your account credentials and you need to recover the account.

Types of Bitcoin Casinos

There is a belief that all Bitcoin casinos are online and are limited to a set of games. During the advent of BTC, this was almost true.

The reason why there was a limited number of casinos offering the services was casino owners had not fully grasped the potential of cryptocurrencies and how blockchains work. Knowing the types available will help you have a better understanding of how they work.


Another name for these casinos is flash casinos. These gambling houses do not require you to download their software to play, wage, and cash out. However, you will need support for various plugins. The games on flash gambling houses use browser plugins such as flash and shock-wave.

Sound, graphics, and animations also use plugins to load and display on your browser. This means you will need the plugins and sufficient bandwidth to run these sites. Unfortunately, flash games are not supported on mobile Apple products. Therefore, you will not be able to play using an iPad or iPhone.

Download Based

Unlike their internet-based counterparts, these gambling houses need you to download and install their software. You need to make sure your computer meets the system requirements for running any of the software provided. The good news is graphics and sound are cached by the software meaning it is faster than web-based casinos.

Virtual Based

This is one of the least popular BTC gambling platforms. It works purely depending on data produced by a Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG). The generator is an algorithm designed to generate a sequence of numbers. The generated numbers have properties close to those of sequences of random numbers.

It is a concept usually used in gambling games such as roulette wheel, dice throws, cards, and even spinning slot machines. Proper implementation of the concept results with a guarantee of unpredictability and fairness in the game. Therefore, you will not have any trust issues since there is a guarantee the software has not been rigged.

Live Dealer Based

In such gambling houses, a live human dealer uses a dealing table in real-time. You have the option of playing using a live stream video feed. Bets are placed using a console on your computer and communication with the dealer is via a chat platform.

The advantage is the outcomes of the games you play are determined by real actions. It is different from the outdated processes found in virtual games.


Bitcoin Casinos Free Spins

One way or another, these gambling houses offer free spins. Usually, it comes as part of a deposit bonus. Do not confuse Uptown Bitcoin free spins with free spin rounds. The latter is normally awarded when you get three or more of a symbol. A scatter symbol is the most likely way of getting free spins.

No Deposit Free Spin Bonus

This is one of the most sought after bonus by Bitcoin casino players. Such free spins allow you to claim them without making a BTC deposit.

The main aim of free spins is to ensure players can navigate the gambling house and get familiar with what it has to offer. It is a way of attracting players to get them to register and use the casino without risking their Bitcoin.

Free Spin Bonus

You can easily find free spins offered together with a deposit bonus. In this case, you are offered a set number of free spins as a way of thanking you for making a deposit. The number of spins can be anything from 20 to 200 spins. This number varies from one casino to another.

Extra Free spins

Some BTC gambling houses offer extra free spins to their existing clients. You may get these on specific days of the week or if you are a VIP player. There are BTC gambling houses that launch free spins to promote a new slot game. Others offer the spins to celebrate a special occasion.

Final Thoughts

Numerous games are available in all Bitcoin casinos. Your preferences will determine the game that suits your needs. Games on offer include poker, spins, baccarat, roulette, craps, and blackjack.